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Bindu Nair
Principal Planner

Post Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning, 1998. School of Planning, CEPT, Ahmedabad. Master of Art (Geography), 1996. Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, Delhi. Bachelor of Art (Geography), 1994. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. Delhi. Special Program in Sustainable Economic Development and Environmental Protection, International Visitors Program, USA, January 2003. Bindu has been associated with EPC and EPCDPM since 1998 and is now a core member of the Planning Group at HCPDPM. She has conceptualized and undertaken analytical studies for many urban and regional planning projects. Being a geographer, she has been instrumental in developing cartographic competencies at Paritosh. She has worked on whole range of projects – regional plans, development plans & town planning schemes and has helped out with business development initiatives at EPCDPM.

Application of Satellite Imagery and GIS in the Preparation of Development Plans: A Case Study for Tirupati Region, coauthored with Shirley Ballaney, an invited paper by Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA), 22nd INCA International Congress, 2002.

Significant Projects
City Assessment and Development Strategy, Junagadh, 2008 / City Assessment and Development Strategy, Veraval, 2008 / Inventory of Environmental Features, Mumbai, Ongoing / Listing of Heritage Buildings and Precincts, Mumbai, 2006 / Master Plan and Zonal Plan, Tirupati, 2003 / Musi Riverfront Plan, Hyderabad, 1998 / Rapid Infrastructure Assessments, Municipalities, Gujarat, 2006 / Revised Draft Development Plan, Ahmedabad,1999 / Sub Regional Plan, Jambusar - Padra, 2001


Anand Patel

Anand Patel & Associates

anand (at)
  Anand Patel has been a practicing architect in India and Europe for over 10 years. In March 2008, he set up his private practice, Anand Patel & Associates, with the aim to develop a collective of professionals that will provide condition-specific architectural design and technical services. The practice strives to address the needs and aspirations of a country which is at the dawn of major social and economic shift. The concerns of establishing prudent and sustainable building practices, in the midst of so much change, form the core of this collective. Anand is also active in promoting the concept of ‘Barrier Free Built Environments’; he has co-authored the first design manual for architects that addresses the access requirements of the physically challenged in India. He has been an advisor to the Government of India in the field of accessibility rights and related design issues since 2006. After studying Architecture at the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands (1995-1999), Anand read Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1999-2001). During his stay in Europe he worked with several established architecture firms before setting up a practice with local partners in Rotterdam in 1998 – 2002. On his return to India in 2002, Anand joined HCP Design and Project Management Pvt. Ltd. in Ahmedabad as an architect. His association with HCPDPM, which started as an apprentice in 1990, was firmly reestablished. Since then, Anand has worked on significant projects such as the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project, Ahmedabad; Government Polytechnic, Bhuj and The Science Centre, Surat (competition winner), and has participated in other major design competitions such as the Marine Drive Refurbishment, Mumbai; National Institute of Design New Campus, Gandhinagar. He has many built projects to his credit. Anand has lectured and is a visiting faculty at the School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Technical University Berlin, Germany and University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria.


Anne-Katrin Fenk

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
TU Berlin

anne-katrin.fenk (at)


Anne-Katrin Fenk works at the chair for landscape architecture and open space planning at the TU Berlin since 2004. Her academic focus is the research for new design tools for modern “landscaping” as a main factor for urban design. Therefore her seminars and design studio mainly raise the question of “design references” by re-questioning the definition of “space and “nature”. Part of her practical experience is the work for the megacity research project “Urban Agriculture (UA) as in integrative factor of urban development” and her PhD research in India ongoing since 2007 related to theme: “Modernism in India – demystified urbanism – India from the 50th to the 60th”.


Christoph Fischer graduierte an der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule ETH in Zürich. Er lebt und arbeitet seit 12 Jahren in Hamburg. Neben seiner Tätigkeit als planender Architekt war er Gastdozent in Japan im Iwamiawa Art Camp und partizipierte u.a. an der 2. Kunstbiennale Artgenda Stockholm, an der 1. Architekturbiennale Rotterdamm und mit verschiedenen Projekten am Hamburger Achitektursommer. Kern dieser Projekte ist jeweils eine von der Theorie zur Praxis übergreifende Betrachtungsweise der Produktion von städtischem Raum und Raumschichtungen, sowie deren charakteristischer Wahrnehmung. Seit seiner Selbstständigkeit, welche er für interdisziplinäre Projekte mit dem hamburger Künstler Michael Dörner nutzte, ist Christoph Fischer für Höhler+Partner tätig. Gegenwärtig als Projektleiter mit der Realisierung des Neubaus für die Spiegel-Gruppe in der hamburger Hafen-City beauftragt, nimmt er auch beratende Aufgaben an Projektentwicklungen im Oman war. Aufenthalte in Indien führen in den letzten zwei Jahren zur verstärkten Auseinandersetzung mit urbanen Parametern indischer Millionenstädte.



Christoph Fischer
Architekt ETH/SIA

Veranstalter und Kurator GRAUFELDER INDIEN

fischer (at)

Peter Gotsch

Urban Researcher, Karlsruhe

pg (at)
  Peter Gotsch is a Planner-Architect, Urban Researcher and Consultant. He graduated form the Technical University of Aachen as well as from the Columbia University New York. As his 12 year professional experience combines practice, teaching and research, he is particularly interested in exploring the synergies between these fields. Peter worked as an architect for renowned design consultancies such as Herzog+Partner (Munich) and lectured and conducted research at the Universities of Columbia (New York), Karlsruhe and Darmstadt. In addition he has completed consulting work for international organisations such as the GTZ. He is devoted to studying issues of international urban development at a comparative level. Among the central questions of his theoretical attention is the exploration of the "production of contemporary space" (in particular, the specific impact of the private sector). His PhD reserach describes the new urban typology of NeoTowns in the South. Mr Gotsch published and presented his ideas and work among various expert and popular communities. He works as an honorary coordinator of the Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South (N-Aerus), as well as a board member of the German Society for the Scientific Inquiry on Planning and Building in Developing Countries (TRIALOG). For more information please see:


Susanne Kohte studierte an der Universität Karlsruhe und der Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Als Architektin arbeitete sie u.a. bei  Shigeru Ban, Tokio, Balkrishna Doshi, Ahmedabad, sowie in Tschechien, Deutschland und der Schweiz. 2001 gründete sie das Büro Suko. In der Hochschullehre war sie am Institut für Grundlagen der Gestaltung, Universität Karlsruhe und 2002 – 2006 am Lehrstuhl für Städtebaulichen Entwurf, TU Hamburg-Harburg (HCU) tätig; seit 2008 ist sie Lehrbeauftragte für Entwurf und Konstruktion an der Hochschule Luzern. In Studien, Ausstellungskuration und Publikationen beschäftigt sie sich mit moderner Architektur und städtebaulicher Entwicklung insbesondere in Indien und Japan.

  Susanne Kohte
Architektin und Stadtplanerin

Lehrbeauftragte Hochschule Luzern

kohte (at)

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